right in my eyes . . .

 But Samson said to his father, “Get her for me, for she is right in my eyes.”
(Jdg 14:3 ESV)

Lots of things can look good on the surface.  That investment that is guaranteed to double or triple in a few months.  The car with the sweet wheels and immaculate interior.  That guy/girl with the “hot” body.  The beautiful red tomato on the counter that my fingers sank into as I picked it up and yellow liquid ran down my arm as little black insects flew up from the puddle of hairy goo beneath it . . .

There is virtually no limit to the harm we can do ourselves when we make decisions based on initial impressions.

As I’ve said before, we’re just not that smart.

It’s not that we can’t make decent decisions as much as it is we rarely have sufficient information or the right vantage point.  Taking time to really “see” is a skill that must be cultivated.  Learning which point of view really matters (as in the way God sees it) takes effort and experience.  Usually we just don’t take time for all that effort.  We want cake now!

It’s easy to target our consumerist or lustful actions.  But don’t let yourself off the hook too quick.  It also applies to our emotional reactions, retaliation, passive aggressive behavior, outbursts, condescension, manipulation, etc.

We believe (in our own eyes) we have a right to . . . _______________ . . . (Fill in your own brand of self-righteous response)

I have a right to be angry after what she said.

I have a right to take this.  After all they never appreciated me.

I have a right to do this after he did that.

I have a right . . .

But my eyes only see in one direction, are sometimes confused, can’t see inside something, are limited in perspective . . . they just don’t give me enough information.  And so I often end up “doing evil in the sight of the LORD”.

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  1. Edward Case says:

    I can relate to Timnah as she was threatened and then punished for telling the story of the honey and the lion.

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