my idols

I’m not sure who to credit with the following bullet points – Paul Tautges, Paul Whitt, James the half brother of Christ, . . .

Here is the link to Paul’s blog post.

  • “Rebellion = believing a lie about ourselves.”
  • “We must stop seeing ourselves as we want to be seen, but as God sees us.”
  • “The bottom line behind all of our idols is ‘I want to be God. I will be in control.’”
  • “Whatever makes you angry reveals an idol in your life.”

These are all things I have said in various counseling/mentoring situations for years, and it is affirming to hear them from someone else.  I am always suspicious when I seem to be the only person saying something.  But, more importantly, it is good to hear them from another source, because it is convicting.

I don’t know about you, but I often find that I don’t hear my own words.  I give “great advice” to others, but I don’t even see the issue within my own life.  I often get accused of selective hearing by my wife or children, but the truth is I have selective hearing regarding what proceeds from my own mouth when it comes to teaching the Word of God.

Yes, I know these things are true.  Yes, I admit to areas of my life where I have weakness.  Yes, I provide real live, just happened yesterday examples of how these things still rise up in me.  But often, I fall short of doing due diligence, of peeling back the layers, of letting the light really flood into the dark places.

Yep – I’m still a man in need of a Savior.

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2 Responses to my idols

  1. Mary Case says:

    I found the statement about anger and an idol in your life. I need to find out what I’m utilizing.

    • They way I usually say that is “anger shows us where we still have brokenness”. Anger and frustration often show us where our “self” is threatened. It tends to be very self- centered as we protect a cherished “image” of ourselves – usually an image of being in control or safe or comfortable or right or good enough or whatever it is we need to be okay in the chaos. The problem is, these images we construct for ourselves keep us from Truth, from the image of God. When our self image is more important than Truth, it is an idol.

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