just an average guy living an average life expecting above average results – by the grace of God

God’s been really good to me.  I want to share that goodness.

I spend a lot of time helping people.  I fix cars, repair appliances, solve computer issues, build fences, give people rides, listen, help people find food and shelter, talk to the “undesirables” like they are human beings and they really matter, teach people how to forgive, encourage people to find healing, introduce people to the One who changed my life …

God’s been really good to me and has taught me to love what He loves – people.

I’m a husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, mentor, pastor, teacher, runner, mechanic, computer geek, reader, preacher, coach, cyclist, writer, speaker, helper, fan – and many other things – many of them at the same time.

God’s been really good to me and has brought a lot of good relationships through my life.

I’ve worked in restaurants and grocery stores, delivered papers (old-school, on a bicycle, in the winter time, in the Chicago area), thrown sod, worked roofing/framing/block laying, formed and finished concrete, sold computer systems, worked for a professional speaker, sold business forms and pagers, owned a business, sold a business, worked with teenagers (in church, on the streets, in detention, in rehab), consulted in marketing, managed production at a screen printing shop, installed and trained in enterprise software, there’s a few other things in there as well and currently I pastor a church.

God’s been really good to me and has given me the abilities to do so many things.

I’ve been married since 1988 to a woman I adore.  I have four children that I love (most of them, most of the time at least) and am very proud of each of them!  I have great kids.  My parents are gone now.  I miss them.  I have 3 siblings and 10 sibling-in-laws along with the nieces and nephews that brings.  I love them, too.

God’s been really good to me and has given me great family.

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