The LORD shall rule over you…

But Gideon said to them, “I will not rule over you, nor shall my son rule over you; the LORD shall rule over you.” (Jdg 8:23 NAS77)

We become so enamored by some guy that speaks well or looks good or is really smart or has money or power.  We ascribe to him god-like attributes and we willingly submit ourselves to him.  We abdicate our responsibilities and accept his judgements.

You don’t believe that?

Go to any college campus and talk about intelligent design and listen to a 20 year old kid parroting Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris or Dennet.  Go to any evangelical christian gathering and talk about the role of women in the church and see someone morph into Piper, Carson or Falwell.  Watch as folks suddenly buy out all the VonDutch apparel because Ashton Kutcher wore one of his hats.  Look at who we send to Washington.  The primary qualification seems to be how much money they can raise for their campaign.

We act as though if we give up our responsibility to think and act for ourselves, we aren’t responsible for the outcome.  We can escape all blame.  After all, we didn’t make the choice.  We were just following orders.  I mean, what are we gonna do.  We don’t make the decisions around here.

No man ever gets it right every time.  We all miss from time to time (sometimes it is the overwhelming majority of the time).  Even the guy we want to put in charge.

No, the best bet is to go with God.  I may not get it right and you may not get it right, but He always does.

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