Mostly He Just Listened

There is a story that in an interview, Mother Teresa was asked about her prayer life.  I tried to find this interview or some evidence for this attribution, but was unsuccessful (though I did read several enlightening interviews with Mother Teresa on a variety of subjects including prayer.)

When asked, “When you talk to God, what do you say?”, she responded, “Mostly I just listen.”  This brought the obvious next question, “So, what does God say?”  Mother Teresa responded, “Mostly He just listens.”

I think that is one of the things I miss the most about my dad.  To have someone who really knows you, just listen . . .

No advice.  No correction.  No debate.  No agreement or commiseration.  Just to be heard without judgement.  To have someone not only notice, but pay attention to you.

Even that expression “pay attention” speaks volumes.  It is an active process.  It is a deliberate process.  It has a cost.  It requires sacrifice of self.  It is a silence that is full off meaning, shouting, “I love you!”

Just listen to someone today.  It is a gift of great value that is so simple to give yet so rarely offered.

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