What My Dad Taught Me about My Dad in Heaven

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What my dad taught me about my Dad in Heaven

This is a replay from our first trip to Guatemala.  You can read more here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Up a little early this morning. About to go see if there is some coffee ready. Ian asked yesterday, at the end of the devotions he led in the morning, “How do you see God’s love for you?” I don’t think any of us answered that question. We talked about how we were moved by what we saw and experienced. Several people mentioned being grateful for our ‘stuff’ when we see how others live. We were even awed at being able to serve as Jesus’ hands and feet to touch these lives for this small place in time. But, I don’t recall anyone saying how they saw God’s love demonstrated for them personally.
For me, I think it is in be allowed to work with God. To be there when he does his ‘thing’. To even contribute some small part to his work. To be a part of God’s working, God’s ‘interfering’ in the lives of men, women and children.
My dad did that for me. He let me work with him even when it made things take twice as long to get them done. Even when it meant he would have to go back and redo everything I had done.
God’s an awesome dad. He lets me learn by watching him work. He lets me learn by trying things out. He lets me learn by messing things up. And he’s always there with the ‘great job’ and ‘I love you’ even when I get it wrong.
How does he show you love?

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