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Awareness Awareness – Virtual Activism

End Human Trafficking. End Child Abuse. End Suicide. End Apartheid/ Discrimination/ Racism/ Hate/ Violence/ Ignorance/ Hunger/ AIDS/ Malaria/ Tuberculosis/ Animal Cruelty/ Homelessness/ Drug Abuse/ Rape/ Slavery/ Dihydrogen Monoxide Deaths . . . We have a cause for everything.  Even things, … Continue reading

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To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before

Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.  We have returned to St. Augustine to the same Bed & Breakfast in which we honeymooned.  It has changed (both the Old City and the B&B).  A lot. So have we. I am not … Continue reading

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With My Own Hand – a Year and a Half Later

Back in March, 2012, I attended my uncle’s funeral.  Because of some things I heard and saw there, I took up letter writing – as in pen, paper, stamp, envelope and writer’s cramp.  (Read the details here … ) Write … Continue reading

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